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Room Log


...battle draws near and our blood runs hot.

08 July 00     Change of Address   Until my host can fix the problems with this account, I've created a new account at You can find the War Room in its entirety there, including a new tactics entry. Qapla'

05 July 00     arrrrggggghhhhh...   Hey folks, my host server is being, well, stupid so most of what should be here isn't. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. (Hah!)

05 July 00     Where to begin?   There's plenty that's new, both here and abroad. But before I begin, I hope all of you had a happy (belated) Canada Day... oh, you Americans had a holiday too, didn't you? ;)

First, news from away: Trippie's Trippie's KA Pit is up and running, and I must say looking pretty good--its sites like that will force me to abandon my Notepad ways. Speaking of looking pretty good, KA Intel is all dolled up and ready to rumble. Be sure to stop by. And I've updated KA Community to include Task Force Pheonix, a Kali based gaming group, and HOS, Sarge how could I have missed you for so long...

KA News has, well, news plus the first mission walk-through I've seen so far. And don't miss Elwappo's brilliant tips--with tactics like that I might as well surrender. Speaking of the guys, they've posted some cool screens, a bit of news, and an opportunity you can't resist...

Now news from here (that's why you came, right???): the Klingon Ship Roster now has Maximum Power Outputs for each ship (note: full impulse takes approximately 50% of a vessel's power); the Federation has returned to the War Room Gallery with two new screens (below) and two demo favourites. And for the die-hards amongst you, the Klingon Gallery has a couple new screens as well.

I finished KA on the weekend, and WOW... I think the closing movie is the best of them all! Thanks to the last few missions, I've become rather fond of the Accuser. Among giants she is titan. Last, be sure to check back in a day or three for the next Tactical Paper: Subtargeting -- There's More To It Than 8-2-2.

02 July 00     * Smacks Forhead *   Just realized I forgot to mention the neat stuff over at Did someone say mods? Head their way for more details... it seems Tom has an artistic streak. A warrior painter perhaps?

01 July 00     An Angry Warrior Indeed   After much (most likely too much) trying I finally brought down an Excelsior-class with my Warrior's Anger (middle difficulty setting). As you can see from the screens below, the Excelsior did not go without first taking a pound of my flesh. Also, I've posted my first tactics entry -- Tholian Battle Tactics. Check it out and let me know what you think. Arguements and counterpoints welcome.

30 June 00     Weapons Charges Completed   I've finished updating the Weapons Briefing with charge costs--there seems to be some interest in this so I may add power output to ship specifications in the near future. Also, the Klingon and Romulan Galleries have returned with a few of my favourite demo screens plus the full screens posted below. It took me a bit of time to find success with the Warrior's Anger. While she's heavily gunned and also mounts dog-gone deadly GHRC, she lacks the shielding required for short ranged slug-fests. What finally worked for me was closing under cloak, firing off a volley of overloaded torps, firing GHRC while turning, and as soon as the GHRC deactivated, running like stink with the foreward tubes offline and power to shields and ECM. Cloak at range, rinse, repeat. But then again, I'm no Chang...

29 June 00     War Room Relocation Aborted   For reasons of space I tried to relocate the War Room to tripod. This did not work well. So I've returned to and will deal with the space limit as best I can. Heck, I'll just open another account... just don't tell my host. In the meantime, I'm redesigning things a bit, so you may notice some items have disappeared (the War Room Gallery for one -- don't panic, the Beta Gallery is still up). Something interesting, I've updated the weapons page with new info including weapons charge costs. You won't find these anywhere else! For context, the D7's engines produce a whopping 224 units, while the Bird of Prey's a mere 98.
And be sure to check back in a day or two, as my first Tactics Entry ('Tholians for Dummies', or 'My... Look at the Pretty Orange Lights') is almost ready. And of course, more screens.


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